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What Happened?

CNN has a new story about the arrest at the Kerry event on the University of Florida campus, Cops on leave after Taser incident, student’s behavior under scrutiny, asks more questions than it answers. The two officers on paid leave is standard when there’s a use of force, but they have called in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct the investigation, which is the University covering itself.

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September 18, 2007   35 Comments

Shi’ia & Oil

Because you can find anything in ‘Net, there is a group at Columbia University called the Gulf Project 2000, which is headed by Gary Sick. [You’ve seen him on talk shows so he must know his stuff, right?] They have gone to the trouble of preparing maps on a number of different subjects [available here].

They comment on the correlation of Shi’ia & Oil:

“There is a very strong correlation between the distribution of the Shias in the Greater Middle East and the those of oil and natural gas resources. This is true from Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf. Even the Saudi oil deposits are primarily found under the Shia-inhabited provinces of Hasa, Qatif, and Hofuf (reconfigured into “Eastern Province” in modern Saudi Arabia) and the continental shelf extending from there into the Gulf . The same is true of Iraq. Three-quarters of all oil deposits in that state are within the Shia areas, with the rest largely in the Kurdish north.”

And provide a Shi’ia-Oil map of the Persian Gulf Region in 2006. It is a very large map and covers the Caspian Sea to the Gulf of Arabia.

Look at the map and ask yourself: do we really want to attack the only officially Shi’ia nation around?

September 18, 2007   2 Comments

They Are Totally Irrational

Thers at Whiskey Fire asked an important question in the post, Remains a Mystery:

Why is Regional Instability a consideration when we’re discussing getting out of Iraq, but not even remotely considered when the subject is Teaching Iran a Lesson?

This becomes relevant when addressing Kevin Drum’s post, Greenspan Elaborates, with Mr. Greenspan offering more context to his statement about Iraq and oil:

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September 18, 2007   4 Comments

This Is Just Sick

The Pensacola Beach Blog has the main story, Local U.S. Prosecutor Nabbed on Child Sex Charges about John David R. Atchison, 53, of Gulf Breeze, Fla., an assistant U.S. Attorney in Florida’s northern district being arrested in Detroit.

The Pensacola Independent News adds local details in its article, GBSA pres arrested in Child Sex sting. Atchison is the president of the Gulf Breeze Sports Association, a youth athletics organization and his wife is a teacher.

Why does it seems that they all end up in the same party? I’m assuming the party because of the area, and because of recent DOJ hiring practices. I assume he knows better than to come home if he gets bail.

September 18, 2007   6 Comments