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Is It Over Yet?

Bob Somerby is just about the last rational big time blogger left.  People have lost their objectivity and honesty as this campaign continues.  The level of hate from both sides is staggering.  There are plenty of crimes and more than enough lying to be investigated without formerly sane and reasonable people succumbing to paranoid delusional states.

You do not hate your enemy. If you hate your enemy, you cannot understand your enemy, and s/he will beat you. After you win, you can afford hate, but not during the war. Hate clouds your thinking and you make mistakes.

November 2, 2008   10 Comments

Propositioning The Electorate

Despite what it would appear from the media coverage, California’s Proposition 8 isn’t the only ballot initiative in the country in 2008, it’s just the one sucking up all the oxygen in the media’s circumambient atmosphere. There are similar measures on the ballots in Florida [Amendment 2] and in Arizona [Proposition 102]. The proponents keep telling you that they support “traditional marriage” but they never tell you whose tradition it is because the Bible is certainly rife with examples of polygamy, and it was decades before the “Pilgrim Fathers” allowed ministers to be the official witness at weddings in Massachusetts. These “traditions” seem to be the creations of fevered minds, not American history.

A particularly nasty piece of work on the Colorado ballot is the Colorado Equal Rights Amendment. This is an anti-choice amendment masquerading as equality. Lying comes easily to these people, and they call an amendment that takes away rights, an equal rights amendment, because they don’t think it would pass if people understood what it really meant. Actually, one of the rights that could easily fall victim to this amendment is the right to use contraceptives.

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November 2, 2008   2 Comments