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No Uniform-ity In Dress Codes

In Houston, a Woman wearing Alaska souvenir nearly denied a vote, but according to the Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections “Know the Facts” page, Floridians can dress as politically as they want, as long as they don’t talk about it [and they turn off their cells while in the polls].

States’ Rights is all well and good, but Federal elections really should be uniform throughout the US. We are too mobile for all of these different forms and standards in national elections.

Update: This is the official Florida site for election returns.

November 4, 2008   4 Comments

So, I Voted

Voting Sticker

My ballot represented a 65% participation in my precinct with the after-work “crowd” to come. We had 90 people vote early and they increased the number of voting stations by 50% [from two to three] for today.

It took me a half hour, but that included walking over to my Mother’s house to drive her in her car to the town hall, vote, drive back, and walk home.

The real shame is that only about 20% of people voted in the August primary that selected most of the local and county offices.

November 4, 2008   30 Comments