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Fair Warning

Things will be pretty quiet around here as I attempt to finish up some work, having finally discovered what was causing a logjam in my programming efforts [the ever popular assumed knowledge about a configuration file location].

Everyone seems to have calmed down after last week’s frantic pace, and it looks like the tropics are also going quiet for a while.


1 Kryten42 { 11.11.08 at 2:09 am }

Yup! I knew the feeling…

I finally have a deadline for my project. Jan 1st 2009! Not far away… So, head down, tail up! (As *they* say). 😉

What fun, ehh? 😉

2 Bryan { 11.11.08 at 11:30 am }

My goal, in the absence of an official deadline, is ASAP because I’m frankly fed up with fighting with it over the user interface details.

Three bloody configuration files, but only one of them does anything, and it’s buried in a subdirectory and the Window’s search function is a case of searching for some function that it actually serves.

3 Kryten42 { 11.12.08 at 10:25 pm }

Ah well… It’s always *ASAP*, even with timelines and a schedule. 😉

You know the definition of a programmer?

Theory is when you know something, but you can’t make it work.
Practice is when something works, but you don’t know why.

Programmers combine theory and practice: Things usually don’t work and they usually don’t know why!


4 Bryan { 11.12.08 at 11:36 pm }

All too true because you are using tools created by other programmers.