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Still Plugging Away

I won’t be commenting on the election to any extent until what I can already see happening is obvious. There is no delusion like self-delusion, and the fairy tale is already being written.

Still fighting the good fight with three software packages which, when all is finally written provide exactly what I want, but which agree on almost nothing. It is a project that calls for someone with a multiple personality disorder so they can switch among three different people to bring this all together.

It would have been nice if there were some consistency in variables, defaults, typing, delimiters, error messages, or anything else, but this is why programmers, in theory, make the big bucks. I’m beginning to think that working in a cannery would have been more remunerative, when you factor in all of the expenses and the time spent producing a product. For some reason many clients think that programming is the same as typing, and programmers should be paid for by the page of source code, not for the knowledge to produce that page.

Это жизнь в большом городе.

November 12, 2008   17 Comments