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Drinking The Kool-Aid

Mustang Bobby has a nice piece on the thirtieth anniversary of Jonestown, the first of many major cult suicide/murder pacts in recent history.

November 18, 2008   16 Comments

What An Icy PITA

Freeze WarningThe deal was supposed to be that in exchange for putting up with hurricanes six months of the year we didn’t have to put up with ice and snow. Well, thanks to global climate change I will be moving plants inside, putting the tent over my Mother’s water garden, ensuring that the light bulb I use to warm the concrete slab for the feral cats is working, putting a bigger bulb in my Mother’s shed where the paint and some of her plants will be stored, and a dozen other things that are required when we have a FREEZE down here.

I know it helps to kill the fleas and the fireants, but my house is designed for cooling, not heating, and then for a twenty degree variance, not the forty to fifty degrees that will be needed tonight. We have air conditioners, not furnaces. Just a few days ago it was 82°.

Based on the temperature map I think Fallenmonk can forget about fresh picked tomatoes for Thanksgiving.

November 18, 2008   6 Comments