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Think It Through Before Speaking

My Mother has been following the economic meltdown on television.  It isn’t a nice thing because she hasn’t been in the market for some time and when she left had to listen to some level of grief from her friends that she was going to lose money by moving to cash.  I don’t doubt in the slightest that she is using what she hears to remind her friends of their giving her a hard time.  It isn’t a nice trait in a person, but I inherited it.

I drop by and listen to whatever she has on and hear Senators from Southern states talking about how they can’t ask the taxpayers in their states to bail out the auto companies.  I think of the Senators in the states that have the plants that will be closing if the auto industry collapses and wonder how willing they will be to vote for assistance to Southern states after the next hurricane hits.

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November 20, 2008   10 Comments