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Here We Go Again

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal draws big crowd in Iowa

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal introduced himself to Christian conservatives in this first-in-the-nation presidential-caucus state Saturday by talking up Louisiana’s hurricane recovery efforts and emphasizing the central role of culture in rebuilding America.

Anyone who showed up hoping to see the first round in the fight for the 2012 Republican nomination for president likely went home disappointed, though, for Louisiana’s young governor mostly steered clear of politics and hot-button social issues such as abortion and gay marriage as he spoke to audiences in West Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

“Enough is enough already,” Jindal said, referring to the marathon presidential race that just ended. “Clearly America is ready to take a break from politics.”

I guess the the national press that showed up for the speech and the chairman of the Iowa Republican Party are just committed Christians. It would be interesting to know how the trip was funded, because the state of Louisiana sure didn’t pay for it, and there isn’t a lot of money made by its governors [well, officially], which sort of leaves Jindal’s campaign money or the Iowa Christians.

If you’re wondering, Jindal said that all things that are bad are because of “secular humanists”, and these things wouldn’t happened if everyone was a evangelical Christian. [He’s probably saving tax cuts for later in the campaign, like in a month or so.]

Actually, this is a problem with the media. If they didn’t cover these events this far out, no one would care. The good news is that it will mean more coverage of the Iditarod in the Spring.