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Pity The Poor Congresscritters?

Apparently 10% or more of the House sleep in their offices.  It would appear they have a hard time finding a place to live in DC on their piddling salary of nearly $170K/year.  The justification is that they have to maintain a “residence” in their home district and can’t afford the prices on two places.

First off, they generally are only in DC during the week, heading back to their home district on the weekends, so they don’t really need a house in DC, but I would think they could pool their resources and get a room somewhere.  Perhaps they should look at all of the military bases in the area that Rumsfeld closed, like Walter Reed, they have Bachelor Officers Quarters and barracks that could be converted into domitories for homeless Congresscritters.

Actually, I’ve long advocated networking Congress from their home districts.  Carry the sessions on a VPN or a Congressional satellite hook-up to cut out the absurd travel expenses of these people going home every weekend.

There is something unsanitary about these people living in their offices.

November 24, 2008   6 Comments