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Five Years

Since January 3rd [or 4th, depending on your time zone] in 2004 the rover, Spirit, has been tracking through the dust of Mars. Designed for a 90-day mission, Spirit and its sibling, Opportunity, have been chugging along showing us and telling us things about out neighbor.

There was a time when we knew how to do things, but we are losing the skills.

January 3, 2009   13 Comments

The Insanity Escalates

CNN is reporting that Israeli ground troops are entering Gaza, having prepared the way with artillery fire and bombing mosques.

Given that all of the rocket fire has been coming from the South end of Gaza, does anyone else think it’s strange that the Israelis are entering from the North. If you are trying to stop the rocket attacks, why not go after the locations the rockets are coming from? So far the only people who don’t seem to be targeted are those firing rockets.

January 3, 2009   16 Comments