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Know What You’re Doing

Danger Room reports on an effort by Israeli hackers to enlist assistance in attacking web sites that are considered “pro-Palestinian”. All you have to do is download and run their software and you will be helping the Israeli cause.

Except, their little “Patriot” program gives them control of your computer, and you have no idea what they are really going to be using it for, according to security experts.

Oh, BTW, if you are in the US, you might also want to read the text of 18 U.S.C. 1030 about the consequences of participating in a distributed denial of service [DDoS] attack on other people’s web sites. Free speech means everyone’s speech, not just those you agree with.

January 9, 2009   12 Comments

He Doesn’t “Do” Respect

Both Jill and Jim DeRosa have noted that Howard Dean wasn’t invited to the “change of command” ceremony for the DNC Chair.

What exactly would lead anyone to expect the Obama organization to have any regard for other people? If you aren’t part of the cult of personality, you don’t exist. People are expected to just fall in line behind his awesomeness, not be thanked for their assistance.

January 9, 2009   10 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Writer’s Block

Friday Cat Blogging

You need a softer wrist-rest.

[Editor: This is one of the problems of cats: they have a tendency of injecting themselves into whatever you are doing.

Friday Ark

January 9, 2009   14 Comments