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Climate Change

It is currently [5:44pm CST] 44° in Fairbanks, Alaska and 37° here. Their low won’t be as low as mine. Don’t tell me that Global Climate Change isn’t happening. 😡

January 16, 2009   9 Comments

New Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

CU-163 Goose

There are reports that the Canadian Forces are developing a new replacement for their aging fleet of CU-161 Sparrowhawk UAVs.

The design specifications call for a totally autonomous flight system, automated production, the ability to use environmentally friendly propulsion and fuel, and multiple vehicle coordinated flights.

While insiders report that many problems have been resolved, the autonomous flight system seems to be a bit too autonomous [they go where they want], and there are problems with reporting system [all they do is honk].

Work on the CU-163, Goose, continues.

January 16, 2009   8 Comments

RIP John Mortimer 1923-2009

The BBC reports:

Dramatist and author Sir John Mortimer, who created enduring character Rumpole of the Bailey, has died aged 85 after a long illness.

If you have not read the Rumpole books, or seen the series, you have cheated yourself of a lot of joy, and a pretty good education in the British criminal justice system. Mortimer created dozens of characters that became real people if you stayed with the series, and they are a lot of fun. [I can’t hear a politician say “common sense” without thinking of Judge Bullingham]

Fortunately, they are still available, and the series with Leo McKern as Rumpole should be put on your list if want the short course.

January 16, 2009   4 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Hard Freeze

Friday Cat Blogging

It is so, comfortable!

[Editor: The Boys are hanging out with Dot in anticipation of tonight’s hard freeze [25°], but Excise has his own way of doing things.

Friday Ark

January 16, 2009   8 Comments