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Quick Notes To Pundits

Mr. Broder you were “pwnd” by my octogenarian Mother: the Carter’s daughter is named Amy, not Chelsea.

Dr. Gupta: a 60° temperature differential is not good for healthy people, much less people getting over chemotherapy, like Senator Kennedy. Check with the military or sports medicine people, as well as looking at the latest research on the treatment of hypothermia. As a supposed brain surgeon you might consider: “Physician heal thyself.”

The committee that decided to switch the Air Force’s wool greatcoat for a polyester overcoat should be required to guard aircraft on the Minot flight line all winter. Lord, but those guys looked frozen. All services need a winter dress hat of some kind for these occasions.

January 20, 2009   10 Comments

The Real “Miracle” On The Hudson

CNN is reporting that US Airways has sent checks to all of the passengers on the flight for $5,000 plus the cost of their tickets. The $5,000 is for the luggage they may never see again, as it is impounded as evidence by the NTSB, as is probably waterlogged in any case.

The ditching and rescue were not “miracles”, that’s how these things are supposed to happen. The flight crew and first responders spend a lot of time practicing for these events as part of their job, and are professionals. [I was flight crew and a first responder.]

Ditching may be rare in commercial aviation, but the military has a lot of experience with the “event”. It was a “good landing”, because everyone survived. Disasters associated with ditching are normally because the aircraft lacks the speed or altitude to line up properly for the landing. Waves and having the landing gear still extended can also lead to disaster by causing the aircraft to tumble. This was essentially a routine, nose-high landing on water with the luxury of no obstacles and a long, straight landing area. The aircraft is air-tight, so there was a lot of flotation potential, and the slides on the front doors are pressurized for even more assistance. A gear up landing on land is much more dangerous, even with foam.

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January 20, 2009   2 Comments