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Florida Freeze

While most people think of citrus crop losses when the weather gets cold in South Florida, damaged fruit isn’t the only thing that falls out of the trees.

So if you are in the area during a freeze, wear a padded hat and watch the trees.  They are mostly harmless.

January 24, 2009   15 Comments

It Is To Laugh

Over at CNet blogs we read Microsoft to Obama: Say no to Canadian gadgets.

Microsoft promoting Microsoft software [Windows Mobile] as more secure than a “Crackberry”‽

If Microsoft would clean up its act and produce a few products that weren’t hacked with every heartbeat, they might have a leg to stand on. Given the number of interruptions I’ve had in the last four weeks for “critical” security updates from Microsoft, it is the height of gall for them to complain about anyone else.

With what I’ve known for some time about the activities at NSA under the Hedgemony, having something built to “NSA specifications” is not a “good thing” anymore.

January 24, 2009   2 Comments