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Tested, And Found Wanting

WikeLeaks included the US in its mix to see what would happen when push came to shove, and discovered, as they expected, there was no shove. US companies won’t support unpopular speech.

Amazon, EveryDNS, and PayPal dumped WikiLeaks rather than resist.

EveryDNS didn’t have much of a choice, because they just were unable to deal with the attack on their DNS server, and that was taking down the rest of their clients. They are a low-end operation, and you don’t expect this kind of abuse at .org sites.

WikiLeaks hasn’t been down as a result of these attacks, you just had to use one of the other multiple URIs they own, or use one of the mirror sites.

I expect a complete investigation of these illegal attacks against Wikileaks by LIEberman … right after he converts to Islam and finishes his first Hajj.

December 4, 2010   3 Comments

Reality Sets In

The BBC reports that Man indicted over ‘bomb factory’ in California home

Federal prosecutors in California have filed an eight-count indictment against a man accused of operating a bomb factory out of his home.

George Jakubec, who allegedly had the single largest horde of homemade explosives ever found in the US, is to be arraigned on charges involving the explosives and three bank robberies.

Crews have begun building a 16ft (4.8m) wall around Mr Jakubec’s home in order to protect other houses in the neighbourhood during next week’s controlled fire.

For those who weren’t aware of it, robbing a Federally insured bank [FDIC, etc.] is a Federal crime, and so is the manufacture of explosives. San Diego county officials have to be thrilled to hand off the expense of this case to the Feds.

It’s nice to see they agree with me on the disposition of the crime scene. I wonder if they’ll play Wagner: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

December 4, 2010   1 Comment