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How Bad Is It?

Bang for the buck chart

This is a chart prepared by Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, hardly a DFH which show the effectiveness of various strategies for providing stimulus to the economy.

Badtux has another chart on his ice floe showing who gets what under the various tax cut plans. It’s a nice chart but it is missing one small piece of information – the Obamapublican plan allows a tax rebate of up to $800 for household making less that $40,000 expire.

Zandi’s chart shows that, as a package, the new plan is actually worse that doing nothing. If you do nothing, the government can afford to actually start pumping some real job-creating stimulus by repairing some the aging infrastructure, and continue to help the state’s through the BAB program.

Thanks to his masterful handling of his job, according to the latest McClatchy-Marist poll, Obama would lose an election to Mitt Romney. He is losing his base by bad-mouthing them, and isn’t gaining any independent support.

December 12, 2010   2 Comments

Will They Ever Learn?

I’ve seen this, Military Bans Use Of Removable Media After WikiLeaks Disclosures, in several places and am astounded.

First off, it wasn’t that long ago that reporters were buying thumb drives in Afghan markets that contained classified information, and there was supposed to have been a ban as a result of that fiasco, but the rules not many years ago specified that that equipment could not be connected to any military network if it had a removable device of any kind, or a printer. The back-up media and printing was centralized and under the control of the system administrator. Disk-less workstations were the norm.

Military communications security seems to have been flushed down the porcelain throne this century. They are classifying more and more, and doing less and less to protect it.

If you accept that one Army Specialist is responsible for all of the information that WikiLeaks is posting, how much have the professional intelligence agents managed to walk off with?

December 12, 2010   16 Comments