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More Court Stuff

As I was interested in the other case on the Health care bill in Virginia, I found the Bloomberg article dated November 30, 2010, Obama’s Health-Care Reform Law Survives Challenge by Christian College.

In that case it was Liberty University’s “crack legal team” [crackpot would be closer to the truth] attempting to dismiss the law on freedom of religion grounds. It was a pathetic case pathetically presented, and has nothing in common with the case that Judge Hudson decided.

I have seen a lot of people making all kinds of claims that prove nothing other than they didn’t take the time to read the entire opinion. Many of the claimed omissions were, in fact, dealt with in other parts of the opinion than the summary quotes that people decided to use in their opinion pieces.

This was a very narrow decision decided solely based on the issues presented to the judge in the case. The case law cited is from the two parties who were involved and the most current rulings that affect the primary issues. This case will go to the Court of Appeals, and probably end up as one of the cases included if the Supreme Court decides to take up the issue.

It will fall under the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, which has been the most conservative of all the Districts for years. This is where the judge’s decision will be graded, not in the media opinion pieces, and Judge Hudson knows it, just as he knew it would be appealed no matter how he ruled. No judge likes to have decisions overturned.

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