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Still busy with “Real Life” but I have some drive-by things that interested me.

The UK is getting buried again under about 10 inches of snow. Some people are not to be trusted with snow.

Suzie at Echidne’s place has found a Guardian article that details a lot of the Swedish Assange case. I don’t expect this will change minds, but I now have confirmed most of what I gleaned from my meager ability to read Swedish.

Via Ellroon a neat Google tool if you have an interest in words. They have a data base of the all of the words in the books they have scanned, and you can trace the use of words over time. If I get some time I might trace spelling changes, like catalogue to catalog, to see when it occurred.

Noz has an interesting note on the DADT repeal. All that happened was the legislation that backed the DoD policy is being voided, but the policy remains. Without legislation that actually bans the policy, the next President can re-instate it by executive order, because Obama has to void it by executive order. A victory, but not the total victory that some assume.

Even intelligent people have blind spots as demonstrated by this excerpt from a Krugman post: “… you have even a liberal Democratic president believing that Social Security only covered widows and orphans at first, that Medicare started small, and that the Clinton-era productivity boom began under Reagan.”

The last liberal Democratic President died in 1973, his name was Lyndon Baines Johnson. Jimmy Carter was left of center, and Bill Clinton was in the center. Barack Obama is decidedly to the right of center and says these things because he believes them wholeheartedly.

December 18, 2010   20 Comments