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This Is What We Voted For?

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Lambert at Corrente has the most common version of the study that shows that American corporations are hiring, but most of it is occurring in other countries, and that’s where the new manufacturing plants are going up.

I can see why Caterpillar is moving manufacturing to China, all of the Asians want a feng shui option on the D-11 and the US version doesn’t work. Actually, they might as well leave if they are in the construction industry, because governments at all levels in the US are refusing to repair or build the infrastructure and you can only sell so many snowplows.

Paradox at the Left Coaster is making a guess about the State of the Union address – Shock Doctrine: The Red Flag is Up. There should be no one left with any illusions that Obama is good for anyone but the wealthy, and he will make his push to destroy Social Security in the SotU speech. At this point he is doing his level best to elect a Republican President in 2012.

December 28, 2010   3 Comments