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This Is What We Voted For?

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Lambert at Corrente has the most common version of the study that shows that American corporations are hiring, but most of it is occurring in other countries, and that’s where the new manufacturing plants are going up.

I can see why Caterpillar is moving manufacturing to China, all of the Asians want a feng shui option on the D-11 and the US version doesn’t work. Actually, they might as well leave if they are in the construction industry, because governments at all levels in the US are refusing to repair or build the infrastructure and you can only sell so many snowplows.

Paradox at the Left Coaster is making a guess about the State of the Union address – Shock Doctrine: The Red Flag is Up. There should be no one left with any illusions that Obama is good for anyone but the wealthy, and he will make his push to destroy Social Security in the SotU speech. At this point he is doing his level best to elect a Republican President in 2012.


1 Ame { 12.29.10 at 5:52 pm }

I suspect that “leak” occurred with the specific purpose of stirring ire, just to get a conversation going.

2 Suzan { 12.29.10 at 7:49 pm }

Unfortunately, I’m in total agreement with you.

And have been writing about it since the Inauguration (almost).

Nothing has been right (except for a few cookies tossed to his base to keep them in line) since the choice of Geithner and Summers.

They are loyal to no one except the wealthy. They are true believers that the wealthy are the important people in this civilization, and that everyone else is collateral damage.

Too bad our very large group (base) cannot convince them that this is not true.

But oh, if we could.



3 Bryan { 12.29.10 at 9:40 pm }

Under Clinton “triangulation” was possible and compromises were made because there were three parties involved: Left, Center, and Right. Under Obama only the Right and the Right Fringe are at the table as the real Center and the Left are excluded from all important discussions. Even so, the Right Fringe hops up and down and claims Obama is a “Socialist”.

The destruction of Social Security has always been a goal of the Right, even now when it has become obvious why it is needed. Those who were depending on their investments for retirement have been rudely awakened by the risk inherent in investing, i.e. you can lose everything.

The private pension funds are the first things that get looted by Wall Street when they have an opportunity, and, more than one bankruptcy was declared for no other reason than to access that pool of funds. You can ask anyone you thought they were going to get a retirement after working for one corporation their entire life what a great deal that has been for them, especially those in telecommunications, airlines, manufacturing, and the media.

Chile is a wonderful example of what will happen to the US if they get to attack Social Security. It will be a disaster, and anyone who has actually looked at what happened knows it.

This is all about transferring everything of value to the top 2% of the country.