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Endings 2010

Last year I said:

This is point at which bloggers are expected to provide round-ups of the year, and in this case, the decade. OK, they sucked.

I would like to think things will get better, but there is no sign of the powers-that-be actually understand that things suck, because they haven’t had much in the way of personal experience with the problems that exist in the real world that exists outside the Beltway.

The Naughts will best be remembered for the disasters.

Well, I was unfortunately right and things still suck. Most of the “accomplishments” of the last year were better done without than done so badly. DADT is the only unqualified success, but that is mostly due to Pelosi, Reid, and Gates, rather than the White House.

Nothing effective has been done to address the economy, and the foreclosure crisis still hasn’t ended. I see no hope for any improvement in 2011 because the people with the power to take action still don’t understand the nature of the problem.