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Nothing In The Naughts

Michael Collins at the Agonist looks back at the Naughts. While everyone knows things sucked, we really didn’t have the numbers to look at before now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 135 million jobs in the US at the beginning of 2000 and 139 million at the beginning of 2010. Four million new jobs may seem good if you don’t know that over 100 thousand new people are attempting to enter the job market every month. You need more than a million jobs per year to stand still, and only an average of 400 thousand jobs per year were available. After 20% job growth in the 1980s and 1990s, the job growth for the Naughts was 0%.

If they raise the retirement age, there will be even fewer jobs available for new workers, because, thanks to the Republicans, the majority of new plants and jobs being created by American corporations, are being created overseas. American taxpayers are subsidizing this practice. This is one of the many reasons that corporations can make obscene profits and still don’t owe any corporate taxes in the US.

January 2, 2011   Comments Off on Nothing In The Naughts