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A Clearer Image Is Emerging

As time goes on people are learning more about the suspect and it doesn’t look good for the haters.

If you think that his rambling about currency doesn’t make sense, it is because you haven’t been listening to Ron Paul and his gold bug fellow traveler Glenn Beck.

For a few clues about the grammar and mind control weirdness, take a dip in the sewer that is the mind of David Wynn Miller.

Now there are reports that he has some sort of ties to “American Renaissance”, a wonderful group of people that are tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Homeland Security.

Sheriff Dupnik is, of course, being taken to task for decrying hate speech, and will probably face a candidate from the Tea Party in his next election, if the rightwing efforts to chase him out of office earlier don’t work. If the people of Pima County allow it to happen, they deserve what they will get – a whacko with a badge.

January 9, 2011   6 Comments