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Wasn’t 40 Days Supposed To Be The Max?

The rains continue in Australia and the flooding in moving South from Queensland to New South Wales. The ABC reports Seven dead as raging torrent swamps Toowoomba.

Toowoomba is a town near Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia. The ABC provides a map of the flooding.

Most of those who died were in vehicles that were washed off roads and bridges by flash floods in the area. The rains in the highlands on top of the already high river levels created this disaster that shows no real sign of lessening in the near future.

January 10, 2011   25 Comments

I Guess Arizona Will Have To Wait

The BBC has profiles of the victims, half of them in their 70s.

The suspect was arraigned in Federal court and remanded to custody, but I only expect one more Federal hearing in Arizona, which will be the change of venue, probably to California. As this case includes the murder of the chief judge of the Federal District Courts in Arizona, I would expect the Arizona judges to recuse themselves, just as the Federal public defenders have already done. He was represented by a public defender from San Diego at the hearing. Even if the judges don’t recuse themselves, I feel certain that the defense attorney will move for a change of venue.

While the state will be preparing for trial, the Feds may decide to move the defendant to a holding facility at the site of their trial. Working with the Feds is never easy for local officials in cases with split jurisdiction.

January 10, 2011   4 Comments