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Australian Floods Move South

The southern state of Victoria is the latest site of the flooding caused by an extended period of heavy rains that have been plaguing eastern Australia since the end of November. The ground is soggy and can’t absorb the rains and nothing can absorb it when it falls at 100mm [4 inches] per hour, which has occurred several times.

There is what is being referred to as a Super La Niña condition in the Pacific west of Peru. It is both larger and warmer than the normal La Niña. The condition should have been in decline by now in normal years, but that hasn’t happened. The last time this occurred was in the mid-1970s, which also resulted in massive flooding in Australia.

The BBC reports that Thousands leave homes as floods hit Victoria

Thousands of people have fled their homes in Victoria as major flooding hits the southern Australian state.

The floods have already swamped some of the state’s northern towns and are threatening 1,400 homes in 43 others.

At least 18 people have lost their lives in Australia’s flood disaster so far. Dozens are still missing.

All the deaths were in the northern state of Queensland, where water levels have now largely receded and a major clean-up operation is now underway.

Victoria state officials said the flood is set to be one of the worst ever seen in the state.

Around 3,500 people have left their homes so far.

The ABC reports Mass of water descends on Horsham

The SES is describing the mass of water descending on Horsham in central-western Victoria as a one-in-200-year flood event.

The record flow was expected to reach Horsham today, but emergency authorities now say the flooding is more likely to be at its worst tomorrow.

Residents in low-lying areas near the Wimmera River have been told to safeguard their homes as the water is forecast to rival the record 1909 flood and reach the CBD.

Horsham Mayor Michael Ryan says residents are bracing for the worst.

“There’s nowhere for this water to hide. It must come through the river – it must come through Horsham,” he said.

“It will in fact, in a physical sense, divide the town in two for some time.”

The current Australian Bureau of Meteorology Flood Summary for Victoria:

Major Flood Warning for the Avoca River
Major Flood Warning for the Campaspe River Downstream of Lake Eppalock.
Major Flood Warning for the Loddon River
Major Flood Warning for the Wimmera River

Moderate Flood Warning for the Glenelg River

Minor Flood Warning for the Kiewa River
Minor Flood Warning for the King River
Minor Flood Warning for the Seven and Castle Creeks
Flood Warning for the Hopkins Basin
Minor Flood Warning for the Barwon River.
Minor Flood Warning for the Goulburn River.

Minor to Moderate Flood Warning for rural areas along the Murray River at Echuca (Moama) and Wakool Junction

The ABoM Victoria Rainfall and River Conditions.

Note: Frequent visitor to comments and sharer of recipes , Kryten, lives in Victoria, so direct some position thoughts towards that area of the world. It can’t hurt.


1 Kryten42 { 01.19.11 at 5:22 pm }

Quick update (while I have a much needed coffee).

Storms have hit Qld. again, and some more flash flooding in some areas, and Rockhampton was hit by flash flooding again. BoM expects more storms over the next few days. 20 people are confirmed dead with another 12 probable. (Though, we all are somewhat relieved because that could have been much worse, like the 700 so far in Brazil, and the hundreds in Pakistan).

The Nth West of Vic is flooded and more flooding is expected, especially when the floodwater from the Loddon River hits.

Many farms have been flooded and their first good crops after a decade of drought have been destroyed, sadly.

Volunteers in their thousands are descending on flooded towns from all over to help with the cleanup. Most are bringing what supplies they can also. 🙂 This is what I love most about Australia, and it makes up for all the crap. 🙂 Things like this make my day:

Baked Relief feeds flood victims – Brisbane, Queensland

There are some decent humans in this world still. 😉

2 Bryan { 01.19.11 at 8:13 pm }

I have the ABC links from this morning on the storm systems and the worries about the levees [weirs / dykes] holding as the flood crest moves South. I’ll add the Baked Relief link when I write the post.

I note that Rudd is sponsoring free BBQs in his riding. He is really getting a lot of good press from his actions during the flooding. He had the UK foreign minister at his latest event.

Someone needs to find a pair of wellies and jeans for Gillard, so she can be seen to be doing something, but it needs to be something useful, not a photo op, or she loses.