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Double Standard

CNN reports that Dem stands by Nazi comparison

Rep. Steve Cohen, the Tennessee Democrat who compared Republican efforts to criticize health care to the works of a famous Nazi propagandist, is standing by his heated rhetoric on the House Floor Tuesday night.

But in an interview with CNN’s John King, Cohen said he was not directly comparing Republicans to Nazis, but rather merely suggesting they are employing the same techniques of that of infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Statements of fact are not “heated rhetoric”. Goebbels is a major figure in political propaganda, and his techniques are still in use because they work. Saying that people are using Goebbels techniques is not calling them Nazis, any more than doing something that Lincoln did make you a Republican.

The headline and phrasing by CNN shows that they just don’t want to report the news, they want to slant it. Even though the story explains that Cohen was not calling the Republicans Nazis, CNN wants people to think he did. Their bias is as obvious as the organization of Jewish Republicans claiming that Cohen was making a Holocaust reference.

The Republicans have been lying about the health insurance bill since the beginning, as every investigation of their claims has shown. Repeating the same lie even after it has been exposed is a standard Goebbels technique.

As they had the Constitution read to them, it is a bit odd that the Republicans in the House still don’t understand that promoting “the General Welfare” is not socialism, it is a Constitutional mandate.


1 Badtux { 01.21.11 at 10:02 am }

I’m not sure who you’re referring to, Duffer dearest, but appropriating the terminology of the Jewish Holocaust and using it to refer to yourself as a victim of a similar event because people criticized your rhetoric (oh boo hoo! wah!) is at the very least insensitive, and at the very most anti-Semitic. Jewish organizations aren’t quite sure which one of those it is, but Jews (who are the folks who have an oar in the water here) are certainly the people to make that decision (insensitive? Or anti-Semitic?), not you or I. You attempting to tell Jews what they should believe about Palin’s comments is anti-Semitic :twisted:.

I haven’t talked about Cohen’s comments because frankly I think he didn’t make the sell. I know what he’s referring to, but the average American would just be baffled. But he’s certainly correct that we have a political party and their propaganda arm (Fox News and talk radio frothers) who regularly engage in the Big Lie technique pioneered by Goebbels, where even lies that can be debunked simply by looking at a calendar get repeated over and over again until people believe them (like “Obama’s bailout of the bankers”, which happened in 2008 when TARP was passed, said legislation which was proposed by the Bush Administration and signed by, err, President George W. Bush, not Obama, who did not take office until January 20 2009).

So anyhow, we’ve established that Cohen is telling the truth about the Republican Party using the Big Lie technique, whereas Palin was not telling the truth about being the victim of a “blood libel” — nobody has libeled her by accusing her of participating in secret rituals where she kills Christian children and bakes their blood into matzoh balls, as far as I know. So what is your point, Duffer dear Duffer? That lying is fine and dandy, but telling the truth means that someone should be called anti-Semitic?

– Badtux the Baffled-by-stupidity Penguin

2 Steve Bates { 01.21.11 at 2:38 pm }

“Repeating the same lie even after it has been exposed” is something Joe LIEberman did as recently as yesterday, the lie being the statement that Saddam was developing WMD in the run-up to the Iraq War.

(Hey, Duffy, am I anti-Semitic because I criticize Joe LIEberman for his repeated demonstrable lies? I feel your pain… actually, no, I feel you ARE a pain.)

Sarah Palin is good at exactly one thing: playing the victim, however privileged she is in real life. That makes her the perfect Republican. And yes, likening herself to a target of blood libel accusations, when she is no such thing, is morally deplorable.