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Friday Cat Blogging

Fight or Flight

Friday Cat Blogging

What are you up to?

[Editor: I saw Tip catching some rays on the pump house and pulled out the camera. Her reaction was very strange. She is a “friendly” feral, and yet she went into a crouch and was ready to flee. I have taken a number of pictures of her before, but she has never reacted like this.]

Friday Ark


1 jams o donnell { 03.11.11 at 5:05 am }

She definitely looks suspicious.

Even though she has been with us for over 8 years Bebe still betrays her feral origins from time to time

2 ellroon { 03.11.11 at 10:40 am }

Maybe someone else has been throwing rocks or something…

3 Bryan { 03.12.11 at 12:47 am }

She reacted instantly to the sight of the camera, and I was well away from her. She was really on edge for whatever reason, Jams. Yes, they remember their survival instincts at odd moments.

Rocks? This is Florida, you have to import rocks, Ellroon, and you pay a mint for them. The drunken horde of robins doing their spring break thing by getting intox on the camphor tree berries may have pushed her to the edge.