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When Will We Learn

Angry Black Lady at Balloon Juice really gets annoyed with the author of a Forbes magazine article, Gene Marks, who presumes to tell poor black kids in Philadelphia how to succeed.

Among his suggestions are to use technology, like the ‘Net and the resources of the schools and public libraries. Maybe Mr. Marks lives in an area where all of these things are available, but at last report the cities are in financial trouble – there are no frills in the schools, and the libraries are shrinking in hours and resources.

Poor people can’t afford Internet access or cable, when they are working to put food on the table and keeping the lights on in the house.

Another point that is lost, is that the largest group of poor children are not black, nor are they found in cities. Rural white children are an extremely under-served segment of the population. When the support programs are gutted, they are ones taking the biggest hit as a group.

Over at Digby’s a basic truth is resurrected: Income inequality policy is the key to education policy. Economic status is the key factor in the success of children in school. This has been known and ignored for decades.

How do you fix the schools? Jobs! How do you fix Social Security? Jobs! How do you fix the economy? Jobs! Anybody else see a pattern developing?

December 13, 2011   3 Comments

Keeping Them Ignorant

The ABC notes that the ‘War on Science’ continues apace: Howard launches ‘anti-warmist manual’ for kids

Former prime minister John Howard has lent his support to a book aimed at school children which argues the theory of human-induced global warming is a scam.

Last night, the former prime minister launched the publication, the latest from controversial geologist Professor Ian Plimer.

The book, called How to Get Expelled From School, rejects the predominant scientific opinion on climate change.

The book is billed as “an anti-global warmist manual for the younger reader”.

Yes, no reason for children to bother their minds with the causes of all of the violent weather events that have been occurring in Australia and throughout the world. I mean, everyone knows that facts have a liberal bias and should be ignored.

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The Feast of Saint Lucia

This is Saint Lucia’s Day for Scandinavians.

It features special treats that are handed out by a girl wearing a crown of candles, Lucia coming from the Latin for light, LUX.

Saint Lucia was an early Christian martyr from Syracuse on Sicily, but her official feast day, December 13, fit perfectly with the local pagan celebration of the Lussi on December 13, which was the Winter Solstice at the time. Yep, more cover to continue the fun mid-winter celebrations by pretending they are associated with Christianity to get the Church off everyone’s case.

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