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I Got A Raise

If Congress can keep the government running for a while, I will be getting a raise in my check next year. It is bigger than I thought it would be because the premium for Medicare Part B went down. That’s right, the premium for that “terrible, inefficient government health insurance” came down a bit. It won’t pay for a coffee at Starbucks, but it is better than the increases that everyone else with health insurance is paying.

Why did it come down, well, because the cost of the system came down and it is not a for-profit insurance company, so the savings went to reduced premiums, rather than CEO salary, or corporate profits. This happened once or twice when I originally had Blue Cross / Blue Shield, because they were a mutual insurance company at the time, i.e. the policy holders were the stock holders.

As someone who buys a lot of cat food, I can tell you that the raise doesn’t cover the cost of the price increases I’ve seen in the last year, but it helps.

December 17, 2011   4 Comments

December 17, 1903

“Boldly going

Wright Flyer

where no man has gone before.”

The Wright Brothers make the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

December 17, 2011   4 Comments