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In The Strait And Narrows

So the Iranians said that if there are attempts to stop it from exporting oil, they will block the Strait of Hormuz. The US Navy immediately jumped in saying, they wouldn’t allow it.

I wonder exactly how the Navy thinks they can stop the Iranians. If Iran dumps hundreds of the WWI and WWII type mines that they have into the narrow confines of the strait, the US Navy is SOL because they don’t have the equipment to deal with them. They can sweep up modern sophisticated anti-shipping mines like nobody’s business, but they had damage to the USS Princeton, a guided missile cruiser, from one of these ‘antiques’, and the guided missile frigate, USS Samuel B. Roberts, had its keel broken by another.

The Iranians also have anti-shipping missiles that are readily moveable and don’t need fixed sites.

The owners of the supertankers are not going to risk their vessels if Iran makes a real threat, and if one of them is sunk in the Strait, it is plugged.

The world can’t protect vessels from Somali pirates on the ocean, so what makes them think they can protect vessels in the narrow confines of the Strait of Hormuz from the weapons of Iran?

The US might consider waiting until there is actual, credible evidence that Iran is doing something, rather than the bogus garbage coming from MEK and the Israelis, before they set us on a path to a new war we can’t win, but which will destroy the world’s economy.

December 29, 2011   8 Comments

This Is Really Funny …

If you have ever worked in customer or user support, Ellroon has a video for you. You have to read the subtitles [unless you understand Norwegian], but it is worth the effort. The bit at the end is priceless.

December 29, 2011   4 Comments