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Endings 2011

Last year I wrote:

Well, I was unfortunately right and things still suck. Most of the “accomplishments” of the last year were better done without than done so badly. DADT is the only unqualified success, but that is mostly due to Pelosi, Reid, and Gates, rather than the White House.

Nothing effective has been done to address the economy, and the foreclosure crisis still hasn’t ended. I see no hope for any improvement in 2011 because the people with the power to take action still don’t understand the nature of the problem.

I was unfortunately correct – there was no improvement in the economy, because the politicians still refuse to see reality and do what has been proven to be effective.

The Repubs are blocking everything to make Zero look bad, and are managing to make themselves look worse. Zero will probably win because the Republicans won’t allow their few capable candidates to run, and are chasing moderates out of their party.

The few ‘successes’ of the current administration this year were in other countries. Here’s a news flash for the White House – we don’t elect a President to spend his/her time on foreign policy when the economy is in the tank.

I fully expect the 2012 elections to see the lowest turn-out in decades. There is no one and nothing to vote for, only people and things to vote against.