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What A Circus

Apparently CNN sponsored a group therapy session with some ‘special needs’ Republicans. They should have gotten an experienced Head Start teacher, instead of John King [I think that was his name, not sure] to supervise.

Digby and David Atkins actually watched to he whole thing, while I just looked at a clip this morning on the birth control question.

David highlighted a Romney non-response to a question, which culminated in Romney flatly stating that the moderator could ask questions, but he didn’t feel obligated to respond if he felt like talking about something else.

Actually the only thing remarkable about that exchange was that Romney was challenged on the issue, because all four of them were totally unable to stay on the topic of the questions they were asked.

Immediately after being asked about birth control, a question submitted by a viewer, they attacked the media for not asking Obama about in in 2008, and then went off on their ‘religious freedom’ kick.

Digby covered the ‘responses’ in depth, which is more than I had the stomach for. After about 30 seconds into the responses I had to leave. They need someone with a tranquilizer gun standing by for these events.

Oh, yes, when the birth control question was asked, the audience booed. What’s with that? It is a current topic and the candidates have been talking about it all week. Republicans are weird.

February 23, 2012   5 Comments