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Keep It To Yourself

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Believe whatever you want to believe, but keep it out of my laws. The laws of the United States are judged by the Constitution, not anyone’s belief system.

I’m not impressed that a proposed law is in concert with an Imam or Ayatollah’s interpretation of Sharia law from Mecca or Qom, nor a Rabbi’s interpretation of the Mishnah in Jerusalem, nor the Pope’s interpretation of Canon law in Rome, nor a pastor’s interpretation of the laws laid down by a French lawyer in exile in Geneva. None of these sources have relevance to the laws in the United States.

Most of the people who are pushing these ‘Personhood’ laws that make a zygote a person would probably not want it known that this is the position of the ayatollahs in Qom in their interpretation of Sharia. I wonder what voters would say about these politicians trying to impose Shi’ia Sharia law on them?

February 27, 2012   3 Comments