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Politics Are Strange Everywhere

Silvio Berlusconi is talking about running for prime minister of Italy again, as the Italians are fed up with austerity and moving towards forcing new elections. Just what Italy needs, that rich moron in charge again.

Egyptian President Morsi has revoked his dictatorial decrees, but is standing firm on holding the referendum on the second-hand Islamist constitution the Muslim Brotherhood cobbled together. He is doing this despite the fact that the al-Azhar Seminary that is supposed to provide the interpretation of Islamic law that is fundamental to the new constitution is refusing to act in that capacity. The Seminary has stated that the constitution as written is fatally flawed and needs to be revised before the referendum can take place.

In this country you have the winners of the recent election acting as if they lost while trying to negotiate a ‘deal’ to replace the last deal they made. Meanwhile you have the Senate Minority Leader filibustering his own bill because it looked like the Democrats were willing to pass it.

I’m glad I don’t have much time these days to follow these things. I would just get annoyed.

December 9, 2012   Comments Off on Politics Are Strange Everywhere