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Thoughts On Ice

It’s 12/12/12. You’ll have to wait just over 89 years until New Year’s Day 2101 for the next ‘triplet’ for a date.

A cold front moved through has it has been chilly along the Gulf Coast, which is not pleasant in an area designed to deal with air conditioning. My rehab had to wait while I bought a new heater for my Mother, as her gas heater was malfunctioning. Of course, almost immediately after I set up the electric heater, the gas heater decided to behave and function normally.

At the rehab, I should be finished this week as a kitchen floor is all I have left. There are several things I want to do, but I won’t because the person moving in would like to get on with their life, and I’m frankly more than tired of working on the place.

It will be another ‘four cat night’ as Ringo has decided that outside is not where she wants to be in temperatures that start with the numbers 3 or 4.

Today I was moving a 220 volt socket, and I hate working with 220 as it can kill you. Regular 110 will give you a jolt, but the 220 is all for high amperage use so I make sure people can’t access the electrical panel after I kill the power to the circuit. I know from personal experience that people don’t read signs, so I lock the box.


1 Rook { 12.13.12 at 6:06 pm }

I got zapped with 240 in the service. Just barely brushed my skin against a fuse socket. It threw me back against the bulkhead and left me numb and tingling for a good 20 minutes. To this day my left side has always been just a bit off from my right.

2 Badtux { 12.13.12 at 8:43 pm }

My boss at a former job back during my electrician days got zapped with 440. It burned most of the skin off his lower arm. Luckily he was following regular electrician protocol so it knocked him away from the power source rather than toward it.

Folks who work on the high voltage high wires have stones the size of boulders. Just sayin ;).

3 Bryan { 12.13.12 at 11:23 pm }

Our nerves are a ‘wiring system’ so it is a major surge. Yes, Rook. I can see that electrical work would be really dangerous on a ship – salt water is a great ‘ground’ for a metal ship, and 240 is enough force to arc to a ground.

Yeah, Badtux, I learned 220 protocol from an electrician in Germany, who told me that if you suspected a possible short, use the back of your hand, so your arm would jerk away when your muscles contracted.

We have a 32kV line on the road by my Mother’s house, and I really don’t like watching the guys working on it after hurricanes. It isn’t something I would choose as job.