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Forget whatever you have been told about the shooter. because it’s probably not true.

It was reported early on that the he was autistic, but that was put out by an unidentified law enforcement official based on what the official said was a family member. They don’t know anything official about the shooter’s mental health.

It has been reported that he had learning disabilities, and disputes between his mother and the school district led to his being home-schooled for some period of time.

Autistic people are usually found listed as victims of crimes, not suspects. I know a number of people who fit the profile for Asperger syndrome, and they might make people who don’t know them nervous, but the only ‘threat’ they pose is knocking something over, as they all include the ‘clumsy’ part of the diagnosis. Given the shooting spree, and the accuracy displayed, as well as references to playing soccer, I don’t think he had Asperger’s.

He had black fatigues and a tactical vest, so he spent some time and effort getting ready. This was planned, not an instance of madness. He definitely had mental health issues, but he knew what he doing, and knew it was wrong.

I realize that the media has to fill their time slot with something, but it would be nice to wait until they actually have some real, verified facts, rather than speculation to offer their audience.

December 16, 2012   8 Comments