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Blogging News

The good news is that Moi at Bloggg has returned to the conversion on a Tumblr site.

The not so good news is that Steve Bates of the Yellow Doggerel Something is in the hospital and out of action for a couple of weeks. It’s best to read his description of the problem.

Instagram announced a change to its terms of service that indicated they thought they had the right to profit from user content however they wished, but they have since backed off after the pitchforks and torches appeared around Castle Zuckerberg. Users should have known that something like this would happen after they were bought by Facebook. This is the ‘underware gnome syndrome’ where a ‘business’ does something like spend a billion dollars for another company that has no idea how to make money from all of the people they attract [phase 1], and then make a profit [phase 3]. Get ready to see repeated efforts at creating a phase 2.

December 18, 2012   Comments Off on Blogging News