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A New Post Office Study

CBS announced a new study on partial privatization of the Post Office that put the most important fact in the last paragraph:

The study is being underwritten by Connecticut-based firm Pitney Bowes, which already contracts with the Postal Service for portions of its operations and could stand to benefit from the agency’s further privatization.

The study exempts the ‘final mile’ service of the Post Office, the delivery of the mail to people, for a bogus reason, not wanting to admit that that is the most expensive and most resistant to change of the entire system, that no one wants to do it. UPS and FedEx both use the Post Office for small packages in mailers. I have seen their postal permits on several things I have ordered. They bulk transport, and then drop the small parcels off at the regional bulk mail centers for final delivery.

It isn’t hard to make money on bulk transport, the expensive part is the final delivery, so this study is about stealing the profitable activities of the Post Office and leaving it with the most expensive service it provides. That is not a plan to save the Post Office.