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Same Words – Different Meaning

CBS reports that: NRA vows to fight everything on Biden’s gun agenda. No one knows what is on the agenda, but that doesn’t bother the current leadership of the NRA.

Up until the mid-1970s the NRA was a pretty good organization. It promoted weapons safety and conservation, basically an organization for hunters and target shooters. Then the whackoes took over, and it has represented the gun manufacturers ever since.

I heard someone on the radio say that the NRA position was that we didn’t need any new laws, we just needed to enforce the existing laws. I’ve said the same thing myself, but there is a major difference – I haven’t been spending millions of dollars to prevent that from happening, and the NRA has.

There hasn’t been a permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in six years. Every nominee has been blocked. As a result, when budget cuts took place there was no one to fight for the Bureau. They didn’t have adequate staff 6 years ago, and the problems have just escalated.

I assume that at least the old Assault Weapons Ban will be pushed through Congress, and possibly some limit on bulk ammunition purchases. Congress has to do something. The NRA should have done more than send a flunky to the meeting with Biden and just issued a blanket “NO!” to changes, if they wanted to represent gun owners. They really work for the weapons industry, so they don’t have to worry about actually representing their membership.

January 12, 2013   2 Comments

As Expected

Zero has thrown away his best legal and constitutional method of dealing with a Republican refusal to pay its bills.

Come on, you knew he wanted cover to gut Social Security and Medicare. With more people, and serious people, looking at the platinum coin option, you had to know that Zero was going to deep six it so he could act like he didn’t have a choice when he began the process of dismantling the most popular government programs ever enacted, programs that have absolutely nothing to do with the national debt.

There is talk of the Treasury Department prioritizing payments when it runs low on money. I would like to know where anyone finds a legal or constitutional basis for that?

Any Democrat who votes to cut Social Security and Medicare is toast, extra crispy. You can get elected without a majority of white males, but there is no way around the seniors. They are the most consistent voting bloc in the US and there are a lot of them.

Austerity will throw the country back into recession. That isn’t a guess, it’s a fact, just ask the British. The current government has already taken the country into a double-dip with austerity, and is about to force it into a triple-dip by not changing course.

January 12, 2013   Comments Off on As Expected