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As Expected

Zero has thrown away his best legal and constitutional method of dealing with a Republican refusal to pay its bills.

Come on, you knew he wanted cover to gut Social Security and Medicare. With more people, and serious people, looking at the platinum coin option, you had to know that Zero was going to deep six it so he could act like he didn’t have a choice when he began the process of dismantling the most popular government programs ever enacted, programs that have absolutely nothing to do with the national debt.

There is talk of the Treasury Department prioritizing payments when it runs low on money. I would like to know where anyone finds a legal or constitutional basis for that?

Any Democrat who votes to cut Social Security and Medicare is toast, extra crispy. You can get elected without a majority of white males, but there is no way around the seniors. They are the most consistent voting bloc in the US and there are a lot of them.

Austerity will throw the country back into recession. That isn’t a guess, it’s a fact, just ask the British. The current government has already taken the country into a double-dip with austerity, and is about to force it into a triple-dip by not changing course.