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Tell The Whole Truth

So, Zero is trying to explain the impact of Congress refusing to raise the debt limit, but he doesn’t understand, or even appreciate what this stupid game is going to do to people who make up the bottom half of the economy.

Some of these people are already in trouble because they were counting on their tax refund to pay off some bills and keep them going. The Fiscal Bluff delayed the IRS from even beginning to process tax returns until January 30th, and the debt limit problem could prevent the IRS from sending the refunds out until after it is settled. At a minimum the people who were counting on their refunds are going to incur interest and penalty charges as well as late fees. Some of them may well be evicted, or be unable to get needed medical treatment.

If the Social Security and VA checks don’t go out in February because of the debt limit, many of the people who were counting on them are going to incur additional costs they can’t afford, and it is not unreasonable to assume that some of them will die as a result of not being able to buy their medication. This isn’t a concern of the politicians because they don’t know any of these people, as they don’t send money to campaigns or have lobbyists.

The media talks about the National credit rating, and not paying interest on the debt as if those were critical issues, and ignore the people who are going to be hungry, sick, and/or homeless because of juvenile games being played in Washington.

January 14, 2013   Comments Off on Tell The Whole Truth