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Black Humor

I was reminded of this Lee Judge cartoon when I read in the Local Puppy Trainer that the school board is going to fund school resource officers.

The school district is broke, but they are committed to coming up with $500,000 to put sheriff deputies in the 26 elementary schools until school is out in June. The Sheriff has said that coverage for this semester will actually cost about $1 million, but he would split the cost with the district.

In Zero’s gun control proposal [.PDF] he talks about ‘incentives’, but I seriously doubt he is going to get enough money from Congress to cover the real costs of putting resource officers in elementary schools, even if someone could convince me that it was good idea.

The proposal covers the obvious stuff and plugs a few of the serious loopholes in our current laws. It also has the CDC return to reporting on firearm violence. The CDC had issued reports about it for years until the NRA twisted some arms in Congress and got it stopped. The NRA didn’t like the numbers that were being reported, so they killed the reports.

Speaking of reports, they must have seriously changed the input form used as the basis for the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report because in nearly a decade of filling it out for my little department I don’t remember any questions about the type of firearm used in crimes. That would have been a real PITA, because that is in the case files, not the summary sheets that I worked from. The big city departments might have the manpower to track that sort of thing, but most local police departments are happy if they can find someone who is able to fill out the required form and get the state police off their back.

January 16, 2013   4 Comments