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Today Sucked

It is cold and windy locally which is an improvement over last night when it was cold, windy, and rainy while I helped a neighbor look for an escaped ferret. I was sure that the ferret would figure out that it was a better idea to get out of the rain and into an enclosed space that was dry, but my neighbor insisted on flashing lights around and whistling for the poor creature.

First thing this morning I took my Mother for a doctor’s appointment that the doctor’s office had neglected to record three months ago when the appointment was made. That meant a return trip this afternoon which finished up with a major traffic jam caused by two vehicles attempting to occupy the same space at the entrance to Walmart.

After that I had to go and pick up some materials that should have been ready yesterday, but someone forgot to tell the people who actually produce the materials that this needed to be done.

Then a stop by the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions that were the result of the doctor’s visit, only discover that the doctor’s office had ordered the wrong medication.

Meantime, even if I had had the time to use the camera, the cats are all crouched in or under something to stay warm, while trying to figure out where the ‘cat’ with the stubby legs and tail came from. Catblogging will may be delayed.

I also discovered that my very own Congresscritter Jefferson Beauregard Miller, had voted against the latest bill to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This will come back to haunt us when we get smacked by our next hurricane, as the REPUBLICAN Congresscritters from New York and New Jersey made quite clear.