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Lost In Space

Mustang Bobby, among many others, is gobsmacked by the Wall Street Journal’s concept of the ‘downtrodden’ in this society. With the median income for a household in the US stuck around $50,000, the Wall Street Journal wants to focus on the plight of households with six-figure incomes.

Avedon Carol features another space cadet – Matt Yglesias. It is hard to imagine the level of gall required by someone who writes a column for Salon to complain that retired people are “producing nothing of economic value”. Someone needs to explain the Law of Supply and Demand to Master Yglesias before he is allowed near another keyboard. The lad might want to have a discussion with Florida economic development officials before he derides the ‘economic value’ of retired people. [Sorry, if you think I’m being hard on him, but the ignorance on display is just unbearable.]

January 19, 2013   3 Comments