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You Have To Wonder

Does Zero actually believe what he said in his speech to today?

Based on what he has done in the last four years, there is no reason to be at all optimistic that anything in that speech will actually be relevant to the policies and proposals coming out of the Executive Branch. After four years you would hope that the White House had figured out that the Republicans have no intention of doing anything that might look like a ‘win’ for this administration.

The House has already indicated that they think that working more than two days a week is cruel, and unless something is done about the filibuster in the Senate, nothing will occur there. Everything is in place to see absolutely nothing done by the US government in the next two years at a minimum.

The really absurd part of this entire event was listening to various and sundry talking heads talking about the total failure to extend an olive branch to the losers. You wonder where these people have been while Zero has been clear-cutting olives groves to present them to the Republicans, only to see them burned.

January 21, 2013   2 Comments