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“Resilient Dynamism”

That’s apparently the “theme” of the Davos economic tax dodge where the superwealthy reduce their fortunes by paying various people to give talks that no one really understands because they don’t make sense in the real world. Parsing the various explanations they seem to want it to mean ‘if you get lemons, make lemonade’, but my first reaction was that it was bad marketing copy for a vibrating bed with a foam mattress.

The whole concept makes even less sense when you listen to the attendees complaining that ‘uncertainty’ is holding back growth. Here’s a clue: the only thing that is certain is that at some point you will die. Everything else is subject to change.

The people doing all of the kvetching don’t seem to understand that risk is an integral part of capitalism. The religion of austerity is the main culprit as far as the world’s problem with growth. It has made things worse wherever it has been imposed, but the people who attend Davos think it is the only path to take.