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Monstrous Regiment

The Terry Pratchett quote on my left sidebar [“The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it.”] is from his Discworld novel, Monstrous Regiment, which deals with religious whackoes and women in the military.

The novel was relevant to the recent decision by the Joint Chiefs to stop ignoring reality, and admit women serve in combat these days and should receive all of the pay, benefits, and opportunities that come with the risk. It became even more relevant when, as Digby notes, Jerry ‘Bonkers’ Boykin decided to spew some his religion-based misogyny. Boykin gained notoriety by claiming that “My God is bigger than your God” before a church congregation.

People assume that you have to take Boykin seriously because of all of the important posts he has had. I would suggest that people need to do a bit more research to see how effective and successful he has been in those posts. Like any large organization, people are sometimes promoted as the easiest way of getting rid of them without making waves.

I wish Boykin could have met one of the women who was in my police academy class. She would have given him a whole new definition of baton twirling. She would have definitely disabused him of the notion that women cannot be aggressive and effective in combat. Although she was not quite 5′ 4″, she didn’t have a problem firing a 12-gauge shotgun, and was a very good pistol shot.

The title of Sir Terry’s novel is from a tract by John Knox, The first blast of the trumpet against the monstruous regiment of women, complaining about how ‘unnatural’ it was for Scotland and England both being ruled by Queens in the 16th century. Knox was a religious whacko of the Protestant variety, and was really upset by the fact that these women were also Catholics. His little tract was the main reason that when Elizabeth I, a Protestant, ascended the throne in England, he wasn’t invited to visit. Boykin’s ideas and blithering is no different than Knox’s.

People are talking about the rise in sexual assaults in the military. I wonder if anyone has compared the rise of the influence of evangelicals with the rise in assaults. Given the attitude of many evangelicals towards women I wouldn’t be surprised to see a correlation.

January 25, 2013   10 Comments

Captcha Sucks

Corrente is trying a new type of Captcha for comments that involves replicating a picture with a series of tiles like a simple jigsaw puzzle. Well, I replicated three different pictures and it kept telling me I got it wrong.

I know what a strawberry, tomato, and mother polar bear with two cubs look like, and I got it right, it is Captcha that was wrong.

It isn’t worth the aggravation to fight with it.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Ms Tery

Friday Cat Blogging

I’m not the cat you are looking for…

[Editor: I have been assuming that this was Hermit for some time when it occurred to me that there was too much white on the body and no white tip on the tail. It is probably the result of someone not being able to afford a cat any more. She is no friendlier than the Hermit and eats when no other cats are around.]

Friday Ark

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Burns Night

flag of Scotland

This is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns in Ayr, Scotland. The Burns Night celebrations conducted by Scots all over the world with haggis, whisky¹, and poetry.

Wikipedia has a description of the standard celebration, but easy on the malt or you may end up with a William McGonagall morning.

In honor of the occasion a bit of Robby Burns for the Democratic “leadership”:

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain
For promis’d joy!

To a Mouse

1. This is the correct spelling when referring to Scotland’s “water of life”.

January 25, 2013   2 Comments