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YQ 300 2013 – Day 3

The field has decreased again this morning with Paige Drobny (65) scratching at Carmacks, while her husband, Cody Strathe, made his big move in the standings for the 1000. Paige was running fourth when she made the decision. Meanwhile Aliy and her husband, Allen Moore, as sitting in second in the two races, and Michelle’s husband, Ed Hopkins, is having trouble reaching his stride.

Update: Aliy and Michelle are sprinting on the ‘loop’, the stretch of trail beyond Pelly where you go out and come back to finish at Pelly Crossing checkpoint. The finish will probably show seconds between them when they cross the line.

Standings at 10:30PM CST:

Beyond Pelly Crossing
1 Aliy Zirkle (56)
2 Michelle Phillips (58)
At Pelly Crossing
3 Jerry Joinson (55)
4 Marcelle Fressineau (54)
5 Yuka Honda (53)
Beyond Carmacks
6 Gaetan Pierrard (60)
7 Tamra Reynolds (51)
8 Olaf Thurau (59)
9 John King (57)
10 Jennifer Levy (63)
11 Ryne Olson (65)
12 Jonathan Lucas (62)
13 Colin Morrison (52)
At Carmacks
14 Debbie Knight (61)
Beyond Braeburn
15 Lucy Tyrrell (68)