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Yukon Quest 2013 – Wrap Up

Sled DogYou know that Allen Moore took home the first place money with trail time of 8 days, 18 hours, and 57 minutes.

Dyan Bergen had 13 days, 6 hours, and 3 minutes of trail time as the final finisher and won the Red Lantern.

Fifth place was good enough for Scott Smith to pick up the Rookie of the Year Award for his run.

For being first into Pelly Crossing, Allen Moore won a pair of traditional beaver gauntlets from the Selkirk First Nation.

For being first into Dawson and finishing the race, Hugh Neff received four ounces of gold.

Normand Casavant received the Vet’s Choice Award for his care of his team.

Darrin Lee was chosen for the Challenge of the North Award which is given for dedication and perseverance during the race.

For the third time Brent Sass received the Sportsmanship Award. This time it is for helping Jake Berkowitz on Eagle Summit.

Quito won the Golden Harness Award for ‘top dog’, [includes a steak dinner]. She is a leader on Allen Moore’s team.

Hugh Neff announced that he was heading to Norway for a while as part of a sled dog promotion. He also mentioned that this was the last 1000 mile event that Walter, a lead dog, would run. Walter is retiring at age 9.

Twenty-six teams left Whitehorse and twenty finished. There were 364 dogs at the start, and 199 reached the finish line. Unfortunately one of the dogs that didn’t finish was General, on Jake Berkowitz’s team. General died as the result of a twisted intestine that caused a blockage. He died while being transported to Whitehorse for emergency care.

Many of those who were at this banquet will be at the starting line for the Iditarod on March 2nd.

February 17, 2013   2 Comments