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Everyone Wants To Be A Writer

I’m trying to finish what I agreed to do on this house but every time I get to actually do some serious work towards that goal someone asks me to look at something.

I understand that accidents happen at a job site. You are working away and a tool gets away from you, what I don’t understand is why people insist on making a major motion picture script out these problems. I just want to see what is broken so I know what will be required to fix it. I don’t care how it happened, or a long exposition about the circumstances that might have been contributing causes to the event, just tell me what’s broken.

The latest thing was a bathroom sink and vanity. It was an old and ugly vanity that I would have personally trashed if I had to live in the house, but it was totally functional when I first checked the plumbing. I just want to fix it. I don’t want to open a criminal investigation into the cause of the ‘death’ of the sink, it will have to be replaced regardless. My only concern is having a working sink in the bathroom, so I can get back to fixing the drain the carpenter busted in the kitchen….

February 20, 2013   3 Comments